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Taking Action LOCALLY

School: Brentwood College

Votes Received: 52

Inspired by a partnership project to build a well and a school in Zambia, the students and staff of Brentwood College were sparked to make our own campus more sustainable, following the mantra of “think globally, act locally”. By retrofitting older buildings on campus with solar panels and ensuring all new building editions meet rigorous sustainability standards, we are diminishing the long term footprint of our campus. Desiring to do even more and as a certified ecoACTIVE School with PITCH-IN Canada, The Brentwood Environmental Action Team (BEAT) participates in neighbourhood clean-ups to rid the campus and nearby creeks of litter. In the spring, there will be interested students and staff planting crops of potatoes and onions in our school garden. Our community is working on developing better waste management strategies and is endeavoring to educate the student and staff community about the many ways in which they too can help reduce our ecological footprint. Since its rebirth as the BEAT in 2009, Brentwood’s green team has had much success in enticing students to support and participate in our green initiatives. During the annual Brentwood Regatta in April, an event over three days which hosts over 3000 people, The BEAT will once again work towards a zero waste event. With a BEAT Hunger Banquet and a shorekeepers course in the spring, the BEAT is going strong. Our future looks bright… and green.


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Mentors Consulted

Recycling Council of BC
Pitch-In Canada, Shorekeepers, CVRD,



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