2011 Winners

Brook Secondary/Students for Environmental Action


Bike to School Project

School: Brooks Secondary

Votes Received: 28

Gearing up for Carbon Neutral Twelve million six-hundred and fifty-thousand registered cars in Canada. How many crowd the streets of Powell River? For a town with a population of twenty thousand and a distance of only fifty-four kilometers, spanning from the southern point of Saltery Bay to the northern point of Lund, Powell River should have less cars on the road. This is just what Brooks Secondary School students intend to target with their “bike to school campaign”. Brooks Secondary school student Michael Brinton, along with the support of the student lead environmental club, Students for Environmental Action (S.E.A), have launched a school wide campaign which challenges students to get into top physical condition by reducing their impact through coming to school self-propelled. This project was started a month ago headed up by Brinton ? a cycling enthusiast who works at the local bicycle shop Suncoast Cycles. He, along with S.E.A has challenged the student body at Brooks to bike to school as many days a week as possible. Upon successfully commuting to and from school carbon free three days a week, students are provided with a token for a free meal in the school’s cafeteria. This encourages students to ride at minimum three out of the five days. What inspires them to exceed the three day challenge is the aspiration to win a commuter bike which has been generously funded by the Sustainable Schools Committee and is been subsidized in cost by Suncoast Cycles. Each time a student commutes to school they sign in on a check-in sheet in the school office where they supply basic information along with the total distance of their commute. At the end of each week, Brinton determines the recipients of the lunch cards, enters the names into the grand prize draw, and tabulates the amount of kilometers travelled self-propelled. This ambitious project is going to be the basis and a key component in Brooks Secondary school’s Green Games video submission (Canadian wide competition where schools compete to be awarded money for “being green”). It is also going to serve as a platform to which students will challenge other students across Canada to see who can plug in the most miles by getting to school carbon neutral. Sure the number of registered cars in Canada is currently twelve million six-hundred and fifty-thousand but through projects similar to this one the generations of the future are sure to beat down that number in no time.

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