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Building "Green Culture": an inquiry with Beijing

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School: Burnaby Mountain Secondary

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This is a project about inquiry. It is about 35 students from Beijing and Burnaby learning about their worlds, what they know about “Green” and exploring what is important within that understanding of “Green”. It began with questions and after nearly four months of communicating through emails and exchanging photos, it is still about questions. The more we asked, the more we realized what we did not know. We began to see that our views are not always the views of others or the countries they live in. We have learned about perspective and point of view in our classes, but this inquiry project allowed us to realize the challenges of how globally we must learn to navigate amongst all views toward solution. Creating a Green World is about becoming aware of views and what is important to all cultures. It is about finding a common ground to build one culture; a Green Culture. We hope to share with you some of our learning experiences and inquiry as a micro example of our global situation.


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