2011 Winners

Burnaby South Green Team

Food is not Garbage!

School: Burnaby South Secondary

Votes Received: 160

Burnaby South Secondary School’s Green Team is always coming up with exciting green projects and ideas to improve our schools’ and community’s environment! Green Team is an environmental club that is transforming our school into a healthier, greener, more sustainable learning atmosphere for everyone. Our goals are to motivate students and staff members of Burnaby South to take actions toward protecting our Earth, our only home. We started the bottles, batteries recycling and the composting collection program and we are certainly still creating more fun and green ideas that the whole school can participate in! The Lunch Composting Program has expanded throughout the school and members of the Green Team volunteer to collect fruits and vegetable wastes from students and teachers during lunch time. This school year will be a super great year; we have more than 50 student members and 3 sponsor teachers in Green Team. The year 2011 is also a significant year for us, for the reason that a new team was formed! It is named The School Organic Garden Committee. We are the Team to make change possible for everyone! Let’s save our Earth, our only home.

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