2011 Winners

Be the Change Team

Be the Change: Year Three

School: Erma Stephenson Elementary

Votes Received: 62

BE THE CHANGE: Year 3 - In the first year of the BC Green Games contest, we began looking within for ways we could have an impact on the environment, and employed strategies which tackled land pollution. In Year 2, we implemented strategies which addressed air and water pollution as well. Our sustainability goals and practices have proved to be sustainable, and we continue to build on our successes. For the third year in a row, improving the environmental attitudes and practices of our students is one of our 2 official school goals. For the third year in a row, we have administered a school-wide survey designed to measure how we are improving environmental attitudes and practices of our students. For the third year in a row, we have a ‘Be the Change’ student leadership team whose goal is to address environmental and global issues. We are continuing to maintain the environmental projects which we began in the first and second years of the BC Green Games, including our many activities for recycling, reducing, re-using, and re-thinking. What’s different this year? We decided to expand our focus and consider looking outside our school walls to impact the community. How did we achieve this? 1. Me to We Concerts: In December 2010, some students from the Be the Change Team took leadership in creating and presenting videos with dance, drama, and song, while challenging families to change their thinking from “Me” to “We” through participating in our Me to We Environmental Project Challenge. 2. "Me to We" projects: 153 Families in our school community committed to a minimum of one environmental goal in which they wished to improve - and they agreed to document their family’s progress during January and February 2011. Families shared their projects through posters, power points, reports, videos, and photos. We created a “Me to We” tree to display how the families in our school are working together as teams to reduce their carbon footprint. 3. "Walk for Water" project: We have a team of students, staff, and parents working together to plan a Walk for Water on April 21st, 2011. Our school is partnering with the other 3 elementary schools in our neighborhood and working with students from Fraser Heights Secondary and H2O-Canada to plan and launch a “Walk for Water” in the Fraser Heights Community to raise both awareness and funds for clean water projects. On April 21st, 2011, to celebrate Earth Day, there will be over 2000 staff, students, and family members meeting at Erma Stephenson Park where we will begin our 6 kilometer walk. Some students will be carrying water to simulate what it is like for the millions of people in this world who have to walk 6 km every day just to get water. We will have a Litter Patrol with us, so that while we walk, we can also clean up the neighbourhood. The change must come from within, and then expand out from there. We are continuuing our quest to "be the change we wish to see in this world".

Mentors Consulted

Recycling Council of BC
H2O Canada, Fraser Heights Secondary



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