2011 Winners

Glenfir Green Crew

Energy and Habitat Conservation

School: Glenfir School

Votes Received: 21

Two years ago we started this project with a goal to make our school more energy efficient and environmentally friendly through energy and habitat conservation. We comprised our ideas and our crew, which are open to all grades in our school, and we started. We presented our ideas to our school board and community at assemblies and community meetings. In terms of habitat conservation, in the past year we have created an organic community vegetable garden with a full irrigation system. With the help of our grades from 3-12, we had a successful plant and harvest. Also, we created a school compost system with a wide variety of buckets in our hallways, lunchrooms, and lounges. Furthermore, a couple months ago, we build a 100% recycled PVC greenhouse, and did some native urban planting in our front. We also have done some community clean ups on and offsite. Such as the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup and Adopt-a-highway. We also keep our native habitat garden weed free, weeding our garden regularly. Some of our future expansions include, increasing our garden size and yield, as well as our composting program. Creating more habitat restoration projects like tree planting and native planting. Moreover, environmental education is a big part of our project. We have educated our community in meetings, assemblies, classrooms, etc. Some energy conservation accomplishments include energy studies such as our science lab proposal and building statistics. We have found out important numbers and come up with future plans of implementation for our science classroom. (See ppt. for example piece of financials). Some of our future plans are to install more efficient lighting in our science lab and to install motion censors for our lighting in our junior washroom. With this project we are trying to promote local positive change in hopes of making a difference for a better tomorrow. Our crew is devoted to educating our peers about the challenges we face locally and internationally. We don’t just teach them the problems but also the solutions. How they can make a difference in our world. Global education. Humanity can and must change. The solutions are there. If you can believe, you can achieve. Yes we can. It starts local and goes global. Be the change you want to see in this world and take the first step in faith for a better tomorrow. I want to thank everyone involved in the project at the school and BC Green Games and their sponsors for this exiting and inspiring opportunity. Derek Nystrom, Grade 11 crew member.



Mentors Consulted

Local Organic Gardeners
SEEDS Foundation - Green Schools
TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds
Dynarep Sales Group, Sagebrush Nursery, Ecomatters Consulting, Swiss Solar Tech, Grasslands Nursery


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