2011 Winners

Huband Park

Huband Park School is Green!

School: Huband Park Elementary

Votes Received: 111

Huband Park is an elementary School of 350 students and is situated just outside of Courtenay. Over the past two or three years our environment club, along with individual teachers and their classes, has worked to reduce our school's footprint. With help from others in the environment club, two of our Grade Seven students have produced this presentation of what has been accomplished so far at our school, as well as some plans for the future. Though our actions are small , we hope they will inspire us all to rethink how we go about our daily lives.

Mentors Consulted

TD Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup
Not really a consultant, but local songwriter Helen Austin, took our ideas and wrote a song (that the whole school learned) to go along with a submission we made to the Regional District. We have permission to use it for any of our endeavours.



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