2011 Winners

Burnett Green Team

Burnett Green Team

School: J N Burnett Secondary

Votes Received: 70

We are the J.N. Burnett Green Team, which consists of 72 passionate and motivated members from all grades. So far in this school year, we have achieved projects including the Shoreline Cleanup at Gary Point Park in Richmond in an effort to prevent the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from growing, Career and Program Planning Day presentation on the importance of living sustainably as well as the significance recycling and composting has on our planet; this presentation challenged ourselves to do the everyday things sustainably we can do to make a different since people’s habits shape the world. If we were to be awarded with the grant, we plan to take on more projects and further improve our current ones in order to expand our impact from our school to reach to our community. For example, by expanding our organic courtyard garden with a raised-bed community garden plot outside our school, we’ll be able to involve he members of the community. We’ll use the compost that would otherwise be waste to make a source of nutrients for our plants. We’ve found a group of volunteers from Terra Nova Sharing Gardens who are interested in helping tend the garden during the summer as students are on vacation as well as share the garden plots and expertise. We want to give the majority of our fresh produce to the Richmond Food Bank and to Gilmore Park United Church, which provides free community meals every Thursday. We want to take this opportunity to bring education outside of a defined classroom and raised awareness upon the growing concern of food security. We hope that by experiencing the growth of local, organic food will help people realize the connection between the food on our plates and the work that goes into producing them. With the grant, we will also install rain barrels to make use of the rainwater to water our plants instead of putting more stress on our municipal water sources. With these projects, JNB Green Team is undoubtedly committed and inspired to create a more sustainable future.

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