2011 Winners

PG Green Giants

Sustainable School Waste Management & Raising Coho

School: Port Guichon Elementary

Votes Received: 38

We have successfully reduced our school garbage by 50%in one year by composting, recycling and encouraging reuseable lunch containers. We have 2 classes raising red wigglers. We have reduced our electricity use by using Real Time Meters to monitor energy consumption and by having "lights out" at lunch and whenever possible. Our Gr 2/3 class are also raising Coho as an environmental stewardship initiative.We are planning to work with D. Jones from C.C. Streamkeeper to create a rain garden and to work with Delta Muncipality in cleaning up the ditch close to our school ground.



Mentors Consulted

BC Hydro School Programs
Pacific Streamkeepers
Scientists and Innovators in the Schools



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