2011 Winners

Reynolds Get REAL (Reynolds EcoAction Leaders)

Reynolds L.U.N.C.H. Program (Locally United for Nutrition and Courtyard Harvest)

School: Reynolds Secondary

Votes Received: 113

Our Green Spaces Project at Reynolds (www.greenspacesproject.org ) has progressed from developing a three year plan with the assistance of drawings created by a local landscape architect, to removing asphalt from our inner courtyard and planting vegetable and native species gardens, to creating a steering committee for L.U.N.C.H. This program was inspired by the BC Farm to School Salad Bar Program (http://www.phabc.org/modules.php?name=Farmtoschool ). Our steering committee is made up of students, staff, parents, our Healthy Schools Coordinator, VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) members, Island Chef’s Collaborative representative and local farmers. Together we have planned for a once a week salad bar offering at Reynolds Secondary starting September 2011. We have partnered with local farms, Madrona (http://madronafarm.com/ and Healing Farm (http://www.healingfarm.ca/ to provide us with local produce throughout the year. Our goal is to feature at least one item from our very own courtyard garden in each salad bar. We have purchased our salad bar apparatus and have used this year to develop our framework as well as our own courtyard food production and kitchen space. We have created an Independent Directed Studies course for students to run the salad bar operation, including arranging for pick-up and delivery of produce, preparation, set-up and clean up, as well as operating the budget and pre-ordering of the weekly salad bar to students and staff. As well, these students will take part in two work study placements with our farm partners and with an Island Chef’s Collaborative membership restaurant. We all need to eat! It is our belief that if we can connect students and staff with good local food (grown in our very own courtyard), they will be open to more of our Less and Local initiatives and actions. Please take a look at our photos and power point illustrating our journey.


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Mentors Consulted

Local Organic Gardeners
Scientists and Innovators in the Schools
Sierra Club
Island Chefs Collaborative, Vancouver Island Health Authority


Sustainable Development

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