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Guardians Of Ganges Creek

From Source to Sea, Salt Spring Elementary School Students are the Water Guardians of Ganges Creek

School: Salt Spring Elementary

Votes Received: 15

In 2009/10, a class at Salt Spring Elementary School focused on Ganges Creek for project learning. The issue presented to them by SSI Salmon Enhancement Society was, "How could they protect Ganges Creek, a salmon-bearing creek?" The class set about to learn all they could about the creek, while learning about water in general and human use of and impact on water. They integrated all their subjects around the creek learning through various hands-on activities, by the creek, in the classroom, and from local resource people. They learned so much about the creek and took on a stewardship role for it-- telling the community about it through interpretive creekside signs they designed, demonstrating publicly with a watershed model they made, celebrating Earth Day with both of these, and making a presentation to their local government. Art, writing, music, play, science, and math were all wrapped around the creek learning. In 2010/11, the whole school took on the theme of water, and became Guardians of Ganges Creek - from Source to Sea, sometimes doing activities together, like Shoreline Clean-up in Ganges Harbour, and doing some activities as individual classes, like plankton studies. The school installed a Seaquaria for a close-up look at ocean life. Water monitoring of the creek continues, and one class has started monitoring Ganges Harbour water. Almost every class has Salmon in the Classroom for release into Ganges Creek. The whole school will be down on the beach in May studying the eelgrass meadow with local marine biologists. The school will be celebrating Oceans Day with the community and hosting Holly Arnzten to sing with them about the water and the ocean. Stream of Dreams is coming back to the school to increase the salmon migration on the school fence. And students will again present to the local government of the Islands Trust with their findings and any concerns for Ganges Creek and Ganges Harbour.

Mentors Consulted

Salt Spring Salmon Enhancement Society, local resource people



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