2011 Winners

The E.A.K.s

The Senior E.A.Ks are The Salt of the Earth and The Junior E.A.Ks are Winging It

School: Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary

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The Senior E.A.Ks wanted to focus on fresh water issues this year. As in the past they didn’t have to look further than their backyard to find ample fodder for projects. The news that trees were dying at a local golf course caught their attention because salt in the irrigation water was seen as the main culprit. The same water source was destined to be used on two of the School District’s fields this spring. The students phoned, Googled and toured. They consulted with the mayor, Oliver’s Deputy Director of Operations and the golf course Manager. When they had completed their study they sent an article to the local newspaper and presented their facts to the Trustees at a School Board meeting. Their two remaining projects are to find alternatives to the continuous flush urinals that are in use at our school and to check out the drought plans for local wildlife. They would like to help enhance the watering locations for wildlife if they are found to be in need of attention. The Junior E.A.Ks did a mini study about bats and they found them fascinating! They discovered that the South Okanagan and Similkameen have 14 species of bats which makes it one of the best spots to find bats in all of Canada. They learned that some bats can eat more than 1,000 mosquito sized insects in a night; this is wonderful because the West Nile virus has found its way to the Okanagan. Realising that these beneficial mammals are a great way to control mosquitoes the Junior E.A.Ks decided to help the bats by providing more habitat opportunities. They chose a plan, rounded up material and had a work bee at school to put together 14 bat boxes. These boxes are ready to go and will be put up in suitable locations as soon as possible. Every spring for the last decade and a half various student groups have monitored, maintained and cleaned the 7 bluebird boxes that make up Tuc-el-Nuit’s Bluebird Trail. The bluebird boxes have provided very good nesting opportunities for Western Bluebirds allowing the adults to raise approximately 1,000 fledglings! The Junior E.A.Ks will be taking over the responsibility for the Trail this year.



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