2011 Winners

The Green Team

West Boundary Keeps Growing - Year 3

School: West Boundary Elementary

Votes Received: 36

Now in our third year, the Green team continues to meet weekly to learn local, sustainable, and organic growing techniques from a local expert. We have a germination table to start seeds, a window shelf to move larger plants to, and now a small outdoor greenhouse to use when the weather warms up. We have a worm bin students put food waste into and the worm juice is used to fertilize the plants we grow. Plants we grow are given to students to take home in the summer time and some are sold at a local farmers market to continue to raise funds for this program. Please vote for our project to help us continue to grow. In the near future, we plan to create an outdoor garden space and an outdoor compost bin.



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Mentors Consulted

Local Organic Gardeners
Boundary Growers Association (GFBRAS)



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